A Simple Autumn by Rosalind Lauer

Annie Stoltzfus pined for Adam King too many years. When he began courting an Englisher, she gave up all hope of ever marrying and having children.

Jonah King, Adam’s 22 year old brother, always had someone special on his mind also. The problem was that he could barely talk to her so she could get to know him.

Gabe King, Adam and Jonah’s younger brother, was in his rumspringa. He discovered the thrill of riding motorcycles. He was secretly courting Emma Lapp. She was the community’s school teacher.

Jonah and Gabe both had to make choices that could affect their lives in the community forever. I had no doubt about the choice Jonah would make but I wasn’t sure about Gabe. Rosalind Lauer’s writing helps you get to know the characters, which were many. I had a little trouble keeping track of all the siblings.

The main plot is about Jonah and Gabe and their love interests, or lack of. Gabe and Emma’s relationship seemed to be growing apart, while Jonah and Annie’s was slowly growing closer. The subplots about the relationships of Mary and Five & Adam and Remy have me wanting to know more about their stories which are covered in the previous books.

The ten children in the King family suffered the loss of their parents when they were murdered two years earlier. All the older siblings helped with the younger ones. I could see the love the family had for one another.

I enjoyed reading about Emma’s sister Elsie. Elsie had dwarfism. Not many Amish stories have characters that have physical or mental disabilities. It was nice to read about a not-so-typical Amish character.

The way Rosalind Lauer writes had me not wanting to put the book down. This is not a fast paced book that will keep you guessing what is going to happen next. But it will keep you turning the pages. She used phrases like “following the dance of leaves as the wind swirls them in a circle” and the dirt bike track was “calling to him like a coyote in the night.” Her descriptions kept the book interesting. Rosalind Lauer must be a fan of the television show “7th Heaven”, there are several characters with names from the show in the book.

A Simple Autumn is about the King family, moving on and growing together. You will see their commitment to family and the Amish way of life as you read A Simple Autumn.

I received a free copy of this book from The Christian Manifesto and Ballantine Books in exchange for my honest review. 

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