A Marriage Of The Heart by Kelly Long

This book contains three novellas published in previous books. All three stories have the theme of first love and second chances running through them.

A Perfect Secret - Rose Bender was going to marry her lifelong friend Luke Lantz. She thought she knew everything about him. Their relationship was too comfortable for her. While Rose wanted adventure and romance, Luke gave her dependable and safe. When Rose discovered a secret about Luke, she began to wonder if she really knew him at all.

Christmas Cradles - Anna Stolis never needed to depend on anyone. She was a single 26 year old Amish midwife that was self-reliant. That is, until she filled in for her aunt's midwifery practice. She didn't know the area so Asa Lapp rode her around to her aunt's patients. As the night went on, she realized that she needed Asa more she ever would have imagined.

A Marriage Of The Heart - Joseph Lambert suddenly found himself caught up in a marriage to Abigail Kauffman, even though he had just met her the day before. There was nothing that he would let cause him to lose his new-found good standing in the Amish community, not even his beautiful and manipulating new wife.

All three stories are very different but enjoyable to read. My favorite was Christmas Cradles. It was very sweet. I liked the characters of Anna and Asa. 

Each novella on it's own can be read quickly. But the stories are so good you'll have a hard time reading just one.

I received a free copy of this book from BookSneeze and Thomas Nelson in exchange for my honest review.

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