An Amish Kitchen by Amy Clipston, Beth Wiseman, Kelly Long

A collection of 3 novellas.

A Taste Of Faith by Kelly Long
Fern Zook felt that everyone thought she was a little too plump. She didn’t think a man would want marry to her. Her lifelong neighbor, Abram Fisher had no desire to marry. The farmer in him decided that he would only ever be married to the land; it seemed so much easier that way. When Abram brought his little sister to Fern for an herbal remedy to a burn, Fern saw Abram for what seemed the first time. Out of nowhere Abram also had romantic feelings for Fern that he couldn’t shake. This story is about Fern and Abram trying to deny their attraction to each other. Is there any sense in fighting anything that God has started?

A Spoonful Of Love by Amy Clipston
Hannah King felt she could never please her controlling mother. But she did her best after her father had a stroke and she took over running the family’s Bed-and-Breakfast, Paradise Inn. Stephen Esh was new guest at Paradise Inn. While Hannah was looking toward her future, he was trying to escape his past. Their lives came together in the present and were changed forever.

Stephen was very kind to Hannah’s father. People that knew him for years didn’t treat him as well as Stephen did. I find it touching when others reach out to those who are disabled and treat them like everyone else.

A Recipe For Hope by Beth Wiseman
Eve Bender wasn’t looking forward to staying at her parent’s house while her own home was being repaired. She wasn’t sure she could handle her mother. They didn’t see eye to eye on anything, except cooking. Cooking was neutral territory.  As Eve’s stay continued, she began having flashbacks of her childhood. Oddly enough, so was her mother, only her flashbacks were of her own childhood. Eve’s eyes were opened to her mother and why she acted they why she did.

Eve’s mother had a debilitating illness and she refused to seek anything more than herbal help for it. She felt the old ways were the best ways. She is no different that many of us – resisting change even though it can make our lives better.

The kitchen can truly be the heart of a home. Beyond that, what is prepared in the kitchen can bring people together. In their kitchen, Fern and her grandmother grew their healing herbs to help those in their community. Hannah and Stephen spent time getting to know each other in the Bed-And-Breakfast kitchen. Eve and her mother were their closest when they were in the kitchen creating a meal or a treat together.

Fern’s weight always caused her pain. Stephen’s past caused him pain. Eve’s relationship with her mother caused her pain. God sent others and circumstances into their lives to help ease their hurts.

All the women in the stories met every Saturday at a prayer gathering called “Our Daily Bread.” I could imagine the Christian fellowship that they enjoyed as they shared with one another.

The end of the book is packed with recipes from the stories. You’ll want to try them out after reading about them.

Each story can be read quickly but that means it sadly ends too soon. That’s the problem with novellas. You get involved in the lives of the characters and want to learn even more about them but the story has to end. Each story has the characters interwoven into the other so you can at least get a glimpse into their lives as you are missing them.

The kitchen is an important part of any home. It’s where meals are shared and time is spent around the table doing various activities. As you read these novellas, you’ll be brought into the lives and kitchens of the characters and discover their joys and heartaches.

I received a free copy of this book from The Christian Manifesto And Thomas Nelson Publishers in exchange for my honest review.

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