An Amish Gift by Cythia Keller

Jennie Davis looked forward to her family getting a fresh start. They were moving to a house, sight unseen, that her husband Shep inherited. When they arrived in Lancaster County, they discovered the house was in shambles, much like their family. 

Jennie soon met Mattie Fisher. Mattie was an Amish neighbor. She had a solid family and life.

Jennie was desperately trying to keep her family together. Her husband was distant, her son was angry and her daughter was keeping everything bottled up. Money was tight so Jennie started making candy as a second income. The candy business took her family in a direction that really surprised her.

The main story is of Jennie and her family’s relationship and monetary struggles. The secondary story is about Mattie and her family’s struggles. A smaller story line is of Jennie and Shep’s siblings.

One aspect I enjoyed about the story was how Jennie talked to her dog Scout – a lot. Anyone who has conversations with their pets will enjoy reading about Jennie and Scout.

There was a message conveyed that some family members were much better people and happier after there was a divorce in the family. This could give the wrong message to some people, whether intentional or not.

I wouldn’t call this Christian Fiction. It is definitely an uplifting story of families overcoming obstacles. There was only one mention of faith in the whole book. This was a quick, enjoyable read. Jennie knew nothing about the Amish before their move to Lancaster County. If you don’t know much about the Amish, you’ll enjoy learning about them through Jennie’s eyes. So many families today are dysfunctional and An Amish Gift touches on this. One thing that was missing for me was the mention of God, who really was the one who helped them through their struggles. This story is centered more on Jennie’s family, who is English. I think fans of Amish fiction will still enjoy An Amish Gift, I know I did.

I received a free copy of this book from The Christian Manifesto And Ballantine Books in exchange for my honest review.

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