Bringing Up Girls by James Dobson

James Dobson released Bringing Up Boys in 2001. That year we added a fourth daughter to our family. I remember thinking "What about those of us with girls?" I have enjoyed reading about raising children and parenting since the birth of our first daughter. By the time Bringing Up Girls was released, we were ever deeper in the girl pool, having added another daughter to the mix. When I saw Bringing Up Girls being offered to review from The Tyndale Blog Network I was excited.

After I started reading Bringing Up Girls, my excitement quickly disappeared. It wasn't keeping my interest. I tried several times to finish it but never did. The book is filled with statistics, there were a lot to take in. The fact that girls need their fathers as a positive, Christian role model in their lives is really emphasize, which I agree with one hundred percent.

I can't say exactly why I could not get into this book. One thought is that while I'm not a parenting expert, I am an experienced parent when it comes to raising girls. I think this book would be good for expecting parents or first time parents of girls. James Dobson shows the reader the importance of raising children in a Biblical and Godly manner.

I received a free copy of this book from Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for my honest review.

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