BookReview The Fiddler by Beverly Lewis

BookReview The Fiddler by Beverly Lewis
When Concert Violinist Amelia Devries and Amishman Michael Hostetler met, they were strangers that became instant friends. There was also a romantic spark between them. Both were trying to escape a life that everyone else had planned out for them. Amelia was tired of all the traveling for concerts across the country. She wanted to settle down, get married and have a family. Michael wanted to leave the Amish and continue his education. His parents wanted
him to get baptized, settle down and marry an Amish girl.

Michael was trying to decide the best time to tell his parents that he was not going to stay Amish. Meeting Amelia showed him it was time, but could he go through with it? Michael caused Amelia to do something out of character. She decided to visit Hickory Hollow, where Michael lived, and stayed there a few days.

While there, Amelia met Ella Mae Zook, known as The Wise Woman. Ella Mae knew exactly what people needed to hear and she knew how to solve their problems. I didn't care for the way her character was portrayed, she seemed more like a fortune teller than a older, Godly, Amish woman. Amelia also met Joanna Kurtz, a friend of Michael's. Joanna was Amelia's age and they also became instant friends. Joanna's life was about following God and what He wanted and she told Amelia all about it. Joanna was fun and full of life. Amelia had been straying away from God. Michael and those in his community helped set her back on the path God had intended for her. Amelia and Michael were both at a crossroads, deciding what to do. Did they follow their dreams or continue on with their lives planned out by others? 

Amelia's character was too self-absorbed for me. She totally forgot about her and her boyfriend's anniversary and their dinner plans. On more than one occasion she played her violin where others could hear it when she knew the Amish were against music like that. I liked Michael. His character was not perfect and he knew it. He also knew the world didn't revolve around him.

This is the first Beverly Lewis book that I have read. It would probably be my last if I didn't know her reputation as a writer. As I was reading, I thought that Beverly Lewis must play the violin. When I got to the end, I discovered that she does. She describes Amelia playing her violin in such a way that anyone who enjoys the violin will like her descriptions about it, others maybe not so much. The ending of the story was very choppy. It switched back and forth between very fluffy descriptions of what Amelia was experiencing, and the Amish in Hickory Hollow.  I was really looking forward to reading a book written by Beverly Lewis but was left feeling disappointed when I finished. 

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I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion.

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