Taste Of Home Best Loved Recipes by Reader's Digest

This is one big cookbook! Taste Of Home Best Loved Recipes has 1,485 recipes between it's covers. The introduction of this cookbook talks about cooking and baking your way through it. That is exactly what you will want to do.

There are 26 chapters filled with recipes from the Taste Of Home magazine. Each chapter has an 8 page picture collage of recipes, which look very appealing. There are obvious chapters like Beef, Cakes, and Soups. But there are also unique chapters like Condiments & Sauces, Cooking For One Or Two, and Sandwiches & Pizzas. The chapters called Mealtime Express, Mom Made It Best, and Our Favorite Contributor's Meals have all the recipes listed by year, starting with 1993, the year the Taste Of Home magazine was first published, and go chronologically to the year 2012. The rest of the chapters have the recipes listed in no particular order. Just like in the magazine, all the recipes in the cookbook have the name of the reader who submitted it, where they live, any comments they shared about it, and the year it was published. Getting to know the reader a little makes it even more interesting to read.

The top 100 reader selected recipes are highlighted. Reader comments from the tasteofhome.com community are shared throughout the cookbook. The recipes in Taste Of Home Best Loved Recipes do not use ingredients that are difficult to find. If they are not already in your pantry, they can easily be found at the grocery store. There are no complicated directions to follow. A beginning cook could make the recipes without any problems. An experienced cook will appreciate the diversity of the recipes. I found more than a handful of recipes that have been family favorites from Taste Of Home for years. Grand-Prize Winners is a chapter that I enjoyed. Like many readers, I have submitted several recipes in their contests hoping to be chosen as the Grand-Prize Winner.

Any cook, beginner or experienced, will enjoy reading Taste Of Home Best Loved Recipes. If you like recipes that have easy to find ingredients, are simple to make, and taste great, this cook book is for you. Check out Taste Of Home Best Loved Recipes and see for yourself.

I received a free copy of this book from FSBMedia in exchange for my honest review. 

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From now until September 13th Taste Of Home Best Loved Recipes is only available through the Taste of Home website:

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Come September 13th it will be released to the trade and will be available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and where books are sold.

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  1. Sounds like a great help to those who cook or want to learn cooking!

  2. There are so many different types of recipes in here, this could possible be the only cookbook someone would need. Unless you're like me and can't have enough cookbooks :)

  3. Anonymous9/10/2012

    Exactly. I could pare down a shelf to one book. Thanks for the tip about the special running on their website. Also, I wanted to comment on the post from 9-3-12. Such beautiful, vivid descriptions stated so simply!

  4. The website special is great - free shipping and a free mini book Taste of Home Baking Guide. I have 22 of the Taste Of Home mini books. I enjoy reading through them :)