Simple Secrets To A Happy Life by Luci Swindoll

Luci Swindoll begins her book by telling the reader that her mother would speak to her and her two brothers in five word sentences that began with a verb when she wanted her children to do something. I really like that. Kids can't remember a long list of things to do - keep it short and sweet!. One of Luci's favorite sayings of her mother is "Start with what you know." To this day, that is what Luci does, even in her 80s.

What she offers are not really secrets. They are common sense ideas that most people already know to do. She organized the simple secrets into 50 chapters of a book. Each of the chapter titles follow the pattern that her mother used, five word sentences starting with a verb - Look For Ways To Help, Thank Others For Their Efforts, and Read Your Bible Every Day, to name a few. Within each chapter, she gives an example from her life as to how she lives that simple secret.

Luci has several Bible verses scattered throughout the book. It's good that she uses the Bible but I don't care for the version she mostly used, The Message. It's wording is very different and to me not even saying the same thing as other versions of the Bible, such as the New International Version and King Version.

The cover of Simple Secrets To A Happy Life caught my eye. I couldn't wait to read it. But as I read through the book, I discovered that I didn't learn anything new.

Simple Secrets To A Happy Life would be a great read for someone looking for more organization or structure in their lives. I would recommend reading one chapter a day, more like a devotional, instead of reading the book start to finish. Luci's love for others and God shows through this book.  If you enjoy uplifting personal stories you will like Simple Secrets To A Happy Life.

I received a free copy of this ebook from BookSneeze for my honest review.

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  1. Sounds like a good book! I'm going to do that verb thing with my kiddos. :-)

  2. I'm thinking of using the 5 word sentence starting with a verb too. When they were all younger I only used one word sentences, "Don't!, Stop!, and Quit!" Glad those days are over :)