The Bride Wore Blue By Mona Hodgson

Vivian Sinclair moved to Cripple Creek, Colorado with dreams of becoming a fashion designer. Her three older sisters lived there and had found success in the boom town. The problem standing in the way of her dreams was her past. She was sure she didn't deserve to be happy because of a mistake she made back in Maine. 

When job after job didn't work out, Vivian found herself submerged in a role that blurred the lines of the truth and lies. Vivian was turning farther and farther away from God. Every decision she made put her one more step out of His will. 

Cripple Creek's Deputy, Carter Alwyn, also had trouble letting go of the past. His father was killed while doing his job as a sheriff. Carter couldn't step out of his father's shadow. Still, Carter was growing closer to God. He was seeking God's will for his life.

The growing town of Cripple Creek and it's townspeople are described in such a way that you know you're reading about the late 1800's. The dress of the people and the sights and surroundings of the area are shown well through words. The author doesn't let the reader know everything up front. Slowly the story unfolds and more and more is discovered about the characters. The subplot of bandits in the area that seems to be minor changes into a bigger story that involves death and kidnapping by the end.

Vivian and Carter always had the past on their minds. Some people may find it unrealistic how they were so obsessed with it. Vivian could come off as a little snobby. She critiqued everyone's style of dress and wanted to change it. Vivian and Carter had an instant attraction to one another. But they let their pasts kept them apart. There is very little romance in this story because of this.

Vivian's three sisters, Ida, Kat and Nell's stories from the previous books in the series continue but take a back seat to Vivian's story. I enjoyed the subplot with Nell and her husband's struggle to have children. Hattie owns the boardinghouse where Vivian is staying. She is like a mother to all the Sinclair Sisters.

The Bride Wore Blue is story of forgiveness - giving it and receiving it. God's grace is bigger than our mistakes. If you enjoy inspirational stories be sure to check out this book.  

The Sinclair Sisters Of Cripple Creek Series:
Book 1 Too Brides to Many
Book 2 Too Rich for A Bride
Book 3 The Bride Wore Blue
Book 4 Twice a Bride - to be released in October 2012

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  1. Too bad about the romance lacking. I thought it would be a romance by the title and cover. Thanks for the review!