Her Restless Heart: Stitches in Time Book 1 by Barbara Cameron

Mary Katherine was doing what she loved - weaving items to sell at her grandmother Leah's shop, Stitches In Time. A year ago, Mary Katherine left her mother and controlling father's farm to live with Leah and help run Stitches In Time with her cousins Naomi and Anna. She should have been happy but she was feeling restless. She was attracted to her English friend Jamie's lifestyle. Mary Katherine was 22 years old and not yet baptized into the Amish faith. She wasn't ready for that commitment yet. Nor was she ready to commit to dating a young man, even though Jacob Miller had an interest in her. Does Mary Katherine ever get baptised? Will she ever be ready to date? Read Her Restless Heart  to find out.

This story didn't seem well thought out at times. Mary Katherine was 22 years old and her grandmother was in her late forties. What age does that leave Mary Katherine's mother? Mary Katherine lived with her grandmother yet the only time they had heart to heart talks was at the shop. The Amish in this story used a lot of English phrases, like dating instead of courting. It got to be annoying how many times it was said that Mary Katherine was restless. Every week-end Mary Katherine went out to dinner with Jamie and spent the night at her house to watch movies. I thought this kind of friendship was discouraged among the Amish. Daniel Kurtz was not a main character like the book description makes it appear. 

I like Barbara Cameron as a writer from her previous books I read. I thought A Time For Peace: Quilts of Lancaster County Book 3 was a well written story. You can read my book review here. I also read An Amish Christmas: December In Lancaster County and liked that book. I didn't enjoy Her Restless Heart as much as I hoped I would. I do plan on reading Journey Of The Heart:  Stitches in Time Book 2. 

I received a free copy of this eBook from NetGalley and Abingdon Press for my honest review.

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