The Quakers of New Garden By Claire Sanders, Ann Schrock, Jennifer Taylor, Susette Williams

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New Garden’s Hope by Jennifer Hudson Taylor
After Josiah Wall postpones their wedding a second time, Ruth Payne refuses to reset their wedding date. But everything Josiah has worked for means nothing without Ruth. He sets out to win her back, but it seems that each attempt is thwarted by disaster. Will their love and faith overcome their differences, or could this be the end he’s always feared?

New Garden’s Crossroads by Ann E. Schrock
Deborah Wall is thrilled to work for the Coffins in their home, a hub of the Underground Railroad. Nathaniel Fox has been dismissed from the Society of Friends and becomes a bounty hunter for runaway slaves. When an injury takes him to the Coffins’ house, he tries Deborah’s patience and challenges her beliefs. But, after accepting Christ and revealing his love for Deborah, will Nathaniel give up his worldly ways to join her?

New Garden’s Inspiration by Claire Sanders
As an unwanted, poor relation, Leah Wall is surprised to discover that her Quaker uncle has arranged a marriage between her and widowed Caleb Whitaker. With little choice, Leah agrees to the marriage and finds herself a wife in name only, caring for Caleb’s children while he serves in the Union Army. When the two begin to exchange letters, will it be enough to make a marriage of convenience flourish into a marriage of love?

New Garden’s Conversion by Susette Williams
Christian Jaidon Taylor is determined to plead his case with Quaker Catherine Wall and convince her that they are not as different as she thinks. Catherine promised her father that she would uphold the family tradition of marrying within their faith. As Jaidon begins to rethink his own spiritual walk in his endeavor to find love, Catherine tries to show him why their relationship would never work. But are they really that different?

My Review

This book spans generations of the Wall family, rooted in their Quaker beliefs. The four short stories begin near the early 1800’s and end with the present day. It was interesting to learn about the ways of the Quakers, since I knew nothing about them. I enjoyed reading about their involvement in the Underground Railroad, although it plays a minor role in the most of the stories.

All four stories are about romantic relationships and how the characters deal with them. The main characters are grounded in their religious beliefs. My favorite story was New Garden’s Inspiration. Leah Wall thought she would always be single because she felt so plain. She was elated to marry, even if it was one of convenience.

At first it was hard to get adjust to “thee” that was used for “you” in the first three stories. I found myself wishing the authors let the reader know how the characters in the 3rd and 4th story were related to the previous stories’ characters. We only know they are related by their last name of Wall. The publisher’s description for New Garden’s Inspiration is not quite correct. While I did wonder if the marriage of convenience would flourish into a marriage of love, it was not because of letters. Caleb wrote to Leah but she never returned a letter to him. Overall, this set of inspirational short stories was enjoyable to read. I would recommend this book for those whose enjoy romance novels.

I received a free copy of this ebook from NetGalley and Barbour Publishing  for my honest opinion.

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