I Love You To God And Back by Amanda Lamb

Author Amanda Lamb set out on a journey with her 6 year old daughter, Chloe, to record one hundred nighttime prayers. Amanda used a digital voice recorder to capture Chloe's prayers and later transcribed them for this book. We read Chloe's prayers and then her mother's journal-like response to them. Amanda could see herself growing spiritually as she continued on this special journey with her daughter. She also felt that Chloe was teaching her how to be a better person and mother along the way.

From her prayers, I could see that Chloe loved people and spending time with them. I discovered that Amanda was a type A personality who was trying to learn from her daughter to stop and smell the roses. Chloe was thankful for everything. Amanda realized that she usually learned a life lesson or a spiritual lesson from her daughter's prayers.

I unfortunately found myself losing interest in this book after the first 10 prayers that I read. Chloe's prayers were always the same - she was thankful for everyone and everything that she encountered through out her day. When she didn't know what to pray her mother gave her suggestions. I am in no way criticizing Chloe's prayers, I think most people pray the same way everyday. If this book had a lot less prayers but still kept Amanda's insights on what she learned from Chloe I would recommend it.

I received this free ebook from BookSneeze for my honest opinion.

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