Hiding In Plain Sight by Amy Wallace

Ashley Walters was a rookie on the Montezuma, Georgia police force. She couldn't let go of the past and wanted nothing more than her brother Eric's ten year old murder case solved. She seemed to only enjoy two things in her life - creating paintings and arresting criminals, like the one that killed her brother. She avoided romantic relationships. Then she was introduced to Patrick James, a marriage and family counselor. She was surprised to be attracted to him. Ashley also met another man, Jonathan Yoder, that she found attractive. This was another surprise since he was Mennonite. He had a faith in God that was unshakable, very much unlike her own faith.

The city wanted  to buy the farm of Jonathan's aunt, Anna Yoder, for a revitalization project. They planned to build a Mennonite museum on the property. Anna refused to sell. Accidents started to happen on the farm. Many people were blaming them on Bradley, Anna's adopted son. Shortly before his father died, he started getting into trouble. Circumstances caused Ashley and Patrick to befriend Bradley. Ashley saw her brother Eric in Bradley. Patrick saw a patient that could be helped with his psychological training.

The ending is exciting and suspenseful with discovering who was causing all the accidents on the farm. Was it Bradley or someone else? The author leads the reader to believe it could be one of several people. Can Ashley let go of the past to move on with her life and relationships with God and others? The author did a good job of keeping me guessing where Ashley's affections lied. Being a Christian, I also found myself attracted to the Godly character of Jonathan, who sums up the theme of the book - we need to trust that God is in control of our life and to let Him be in control. He turned to God with prayer in every situation in his life. He lived the Christian life through his actions and words. His faith was in God alone. I can't wait the read book #2! There is romance and mystery in this story. If you are a fan of these, this book is for you.

Place Of Refuge Series
#1 Hiding In Plain Sight
#2 Nowhere To Run (released on 9/15/12)

I received a free copy of this ebook from NetGalley and Harvest House Publishers for my honest opinion.

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