Teach your children the value of being fair

Here is a good way to teach the value of being fair. We have been doing this in our house since my teens were in their early single digits. Needless to say, things around our house have been divided beyond equal!

The first time you do this, don't tell your children what you are doing. Have one child cut the item (last piece of cake, last slice of pie, whatever the item is). They probably will have a very smug look on their face. Then, have the other child pick the first piece to be taken. The smug look will quickly disappear. Hold your ground and let the second child keep the piece they picked. There will probably be a lot of fussing, crying, or complaining about it not being fair. That's exactly what you wanted to teach your children. Being human, the first child most likely had no intention of cutting the item into 2 equal pieces. They thought they were cutting it and picking the piece they wanted - the biggest piece. You can guarantee the next time there is only one of something left and you ask one child to cut it, it will be cut evenly!

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