BookReview A Perfect Square by Vannetta Chapman

BookReview A Perfect Square by Vannetta Chapman
A young Amish woman was found dead on the property of cousins Tobias and Reuben Fisher. After an investigation of the area, Reuben became the prime suspect in her murder. Reuben refused to talk to anyone about anything, which didn’t help the case against him. Deborah Yoder, a friend of Reuben, was convinced he was innocent. She set out to prove this, putting together clues that lead to the truth of the
young woman’s death. Her friend, Englisher, Callie Harper also got involved.

Callie had her own mystery to solve. One day Ira Bontrager, a confused, elderly man showed up at her quilt shop and asked her to find his daughter who went missing over 40 years ago. He knew she helped solve a police case a few months back and was sure she could help him. Callie had been through more than one loss of her own recently. She decided to help Ira even though it seemed a hopeless cause. 

The whole story deals with how and why the young woman was found dead on the Fisher’s property, with the search for Ira’s daughter a sub plot. Everything begins to come together as you read each page. You will start to question several characters and their motives. Why won’t Reuben talk? Is he guilty of the murder? What clues does Deborah find? Does Callie find Ira’s daughter that his own son knows nothing about? Read A Perfect Square to find out.

I met Deborah and Callie, along with other characters in this story when I read Falling to Pieces. You can read my review of Falling to Pieces here. Deborah is a caring person that is dedicated to her friends. Callie is finally discovering the joy of friendship, maybe even a little romance, thanks to moving to Shipshewana. Deborah and Callie didn’t meet up with people and clues by accident, God was working out His will through them. This book shows how God uses people and events to piece together His perfect plan.  I would recommend this book to any fan of Amish fiction. I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley for my honest opinion.

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