Love On The Range by Jessica Nelson

It was 1918, WW1 was killing men overseas while the Spanish Influenza was killing Americans in their hometowns. Gracelyn Riley was sent her Uncle Lou’s in the desert of Oregon to avoid the influenza. She was a 20 year old Suffragist and news reporter who wanted 2 things: to get an interview with the elusive Striker and to gain independence from her parents. While in Oregon she searched for Striker, who, according to newspaper sources, was known to be there.

In Oregon, Gracelyn gained some freedom from her parents, but also found friendship and discovered the value of hard work. This was quite an accomplishment for a Boston socialite who couldn't even light a stove to boil water. She began falling in love, but not with the man to whom she was engaged to be married.

Does Gracelyn ever find Striker? Does she gain her independence? Who was causing her to fall in love? Read Love On The Range to find out.

Gracelyn was quite a snob when the story began, but I still liked her. She was raised to be very proper and to always act in a proper way – no matter what. She had different plans for her life than her parents did. She believed in woman’s rights, a concept that didn’t held well with a lot of people. Trevor Cruz was also a main character in the story. He had a past he couldn’t let go. He was a broken man in need of love and forgiveness. Gracelyn showed him the way to both was through God. Uncle Lou, Mary, James, and Julia are minor characters in the story that I enjoyed getting to know. I could see spin-off books written about them.

I really liked this book. I’m not a big fan of the westerns but the story pulled me in. The struggle Trevor had with his affections for Gracelyn were interesting. The author described the Oregon desert so well I felt I was there, along with the characters. This is an Inspirational Romance, so you know how things are going to end, but you’ll enjoy getting there. I would recommend this book for all those who enjoy romance mixed with a little mystery and adventure.

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I received a free copy of this book from the author for my honest opinion.

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