An Uncommon Grace by Serena Miller

Grace Connor and Levi Troyer had an attraction to one another soon after they first met. Grace moved to her Grandmother Elizabeth’s home in Holmes County, Ohio, after not reenlisting for another tour of duty. Levi lived with his parents and siblings on the farm next to Elizabeth’s.

Grace was an Englisher. She was a Nurse Practitioner and had served in Afghanistan with the elite Dustoff medical team. She helped Levi and his family several times with medical needs. Grace couldn’t believe that she was attracted to an Amish man who hardly even talked to her and when he did it was usually in disagreement.

Levi and his family belonged to the Swartzentrubers, the strictest and most conservative sect of the Amish. Levi had been questioning if the Swartzentruber way of life was for him. He only hoped that he followed the Ordnung good enough and worked hard enough to get into heaven. He was falling hard for Grace but knew that he could never be with her, since she was an Englisher. 

The story began with Grace asking God to show her if she should reenlist. She got her answer when she received an email from her sister saying that Elizabeth had a heart attack. The story ends, once again, with Grace asking God if she should reenlist. Her grandmother had recovered and she couldn’t stay near Levi without wanting to be with him. Again, God faithfully gave her His answer. Read An Uncommon Grace to discover what that answer was.

I really liked this story. It reminds us that God puts people in our lives at just the right time and for a reason. It was interesting to learn about the Swartzentrubers, which I had never heard about. The attraction between Grace and Levi had me wanting them to be a couple. Levi was a kind, gentle man that was being held back by all the Swartzentrubers' rules. Grace was a giving person that truly cared about other’s needs before her own. Interwoven into the romance is the mystery of who fatally shot Levi’s stepfather and wounded his mother. This plot took a backseat to Grace and Levi’s developing relationship. Fans of romance will enjoy reading An Uncommon Grace.

I received this free ebook from NetGalley and Howard Books, a division of Simon and Schuster, for my honest opinion.

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