The Wings Of Morning by Murray Pura

Lyyndaya Kurtz and her family became Amish and were living with the Lapp Amish settlement for 10 years. Jude Whetstone and his family had done the same. Jude and Lyyndaya were friends from day one. Now older and ready to court, Jude and Lynndaya were attracted to each other.

Jude loved flying and could do maneuvers like no other. It was 1917 and the Amish had yet to decide if aeroplanes should be allowed or not. It was also the beginning of WW1. The US Military found out about Jude's extraordinary flying skills and they convinced Jude to join them. He said he did it to save lives. Jude know he would be shunned because the Amish did not believe in joining the military but he felt it's what God wanted him to do.

While Jude was in France, Lyyndy (as Jude called her) and Jude wrote to each other. These letters strengthened their relationship with each other and God, even though they couldn't get each others letters due to the shunning.

Jude decided that he would shoot down enemy planes but only to cause harm to the plane, not the pilot. He was soon recognized as a gentleman of the air. After Jude brought down a German Ace that killed many people, he was also shot down over enemy lines. He was presumed dead. Lyyndy decided to save lives like Jude, and helped nurse those with the deadly Spanish Flu. While working with patients in Philadelphia, she discovered Jude on her ward.

Jude returned home only to discover that the shunning was still in effect. Will he repent of his sins and be brought back into the church? Will he stay in the miitary? Do Jude and Lyyndy ever get to court? 

Another character in this book is Emma Zook. The relationship with Emma Zook and Lyyndy was odd to me. Emma was trying to get Jude's attention when she knew he only had eyes for Lynndy. Lyyndy went from being jealous of Emma to being close to her and calling her a sister. When a woman is saying she is going to marry the man I want to marry, I wouldn't be calling her sister. Emma went so far to say that if it were the time of King Solomon in the Bible, Jude could have more than one wife - Emma and Lyyndy both could be married to Jude.

Anyone who enjoys reading about WW1, war planes and aerial conflict will enjoy this book. There are a lot of air battle scenes described as Jude fights the Germans. It seemed a bit far fetched that Jude only shot the plane to force it down, not to kill the pilot. I did some research and discovered that there were real life pilots that did this.

The scene at the end of the story, when Jude is given the chance to repent for joining the military, during the church service is touching. I don't want to give it away, you have to read the book to discover what goes on. I found myself wanting to keep reading to find out what was happening and if Lyyndy and Jude ever got together. I liked how the characters depended on the word of God that they learned from childhood to help them through difficult times.

I received a free copy of this e-book from NetGalley for my honest review.

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