Something New by Dianne Christner

Lil Landis had dreams. She wanted to live in the doddy house with her best friend and be the Head Chef of a restaurant. Both were things that weren't common for a Conservative Mennonite. Young Women stayed home with their parents until they were married and they also didn't hold jobs outside the home. Lil was getting closer to living out her dreams when her mother became depressed. Lil was working at a restaurant as a cook. She was also living with her friend, Megan Weaver, when she was asked to go home to help with her mother. To make matters worse, her father confided in her that they may lose their farm.

One day, Lil accidentally backed into the car Fletch Staufffer was driving. Fletch was going to school to be a Veterinarian. He also was Mennonite, but went to a more liberal church. They both felt an instant attraction to one another. One day Fletch showed up with Lil's brother, Matt, for a family get together. They began to date, against her father's wishes. The biggest obstacle in their relationship was the difference in their beliefs

Fletch was the child of missionaries. His father had always seemed too busy to have a father-son relationship with him. A contributor to the missions, Marshall Lewis, stepped in as a father figure to Fletch. Marshall asked Fletch to do something that was unethical. Fletch could jeopardize his veterinary career if he chose to please Marshall. With Marshall paying for his schooling he felt pressure to do it. Fletch would have to let down either Marshall or Lil and her family with his actions.

Somebody was let down by Fletch's choice, besides Fletch himself. Who does Fletch hurt with his decision? Does Lil ever fully achieve her dreams? Do Lil and Fletch work out their differences? Read Something New to find out.

This is a clean, inspirational book so I was a little surprised that there were things such as, how Fletch seemed obsessed with Lil's waist and referring to Lil, "She smiled seductively" in it. I also wasn't sure of the ages of Lil and her friends. Lil seemed a little immature, she was always calling her cousin "Chump." I thought the ending was a little abrupt, there needed to be something more between the last two chapters. All that aside, I enjoyed the book. I found myself pulling for Fletch. Like most people in a questionable situation, he didn't realize he had choices. Lil seemed to be a little spoiled. She didn't like wearing Plain clothes, she couldn't stand living on a farm. By the end of the book Lil realized that she wasn't trusting God with her life and His plans for her. The main theme of this book is forgiveness. Each character needed forgiveness or to offer forgiveness in one form or another. It reminds us that we all need to have forgiveness in our own lives. I look forward to reading the other books in this series.

Plain City Bridesmaids Series
Something Old #1
Something New #2
Something Borrowed #3 (out 8/12) 

I received a free copy of this e-book from NetGalley for my honest review.

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