The Last Plea Bargain by Randy Singer

Jamie Brock was the Assistant District Attorney for Milton County, Georgia. She had a reputation for not offering plea bargains. A plea bargain is a deal cut by prosecutors that usually allows the defendant to serve less time in exchange for a guilty plea. Plea bargains occur in 90% of felony cases. This means there is less time in the courtroom and less people in jails.

Jamie was the daughter of Defense Attorney, Robert Brock. He had suffered strokes and was on life support. Jamie couldn't let her dad go. Her brother, Chris, felt it was time. She had lost her mother, Laura, a Forensic Psychiatrist, as a teenager, when someone came into their house and shot her to death. That someone was Antoine Marshall. He was on death row for the murder of Laura Brock. He claimed innocence. Antoine had become a Christian while in prison. Jamie didn't believe he had converted, it was just another way to get out of dying.

Mace James was Antoine's attorney. Mace was a convicted criminal turned attorney. Mace believed in his client's innocence. Mace was determined to get Antoine out of his death sentence.

Caleb Tate, a notorious Criminal Attorney had represented Antoine during Laura Brock's murder trial eleven years before. Now Caleb was on trial himself, for the murder of his wife. Jamie and her boss, District Attorney, Bill Masterson were the prosecutors for Caleb's trial.

Jamie's faith in God had been faltering since her mother's death. With the recent turn of events in her life of her father's illness, and the court hearings of Antoine and Caleb, she was having trouble sleeping.  Under Bill's suggestion, she went to psychiatrist and friend Dr. Gillespie to seek help.

It seemed someone convinced the felons who had previously agreed to a plea bargain to change their minds and to go to trial instead. The court system got backed up and the jails started filling up. Judges began offering lighter sentences to non-violent criminals. After a few weeks of this going on, someone finally agreed to a plea bargain. They ended up dead. At the same time, Jamie and a detective nicknamed "LA" begin to undercover clues about Caleb and his wife's murder case. Mace also began uncovering clues of his own.

The proceedings of Antoine's death sentence and Caleb Tate's trial are a major part of this book. Randy Singer uses a lot of "lawyer" language but doesn't lose the reader in the process. If anything, you'll learn more about the court system. This is written in the first person, which normally I don't care for. I liked this book. It was an exciting read. There were so many twists and turns. The only person I knew that could be trusted for sure was Jamie. The ending is a surprise. There was a very small hint of romance with a lot of suspense. I would recommend this book for everyone, not just those who like legal thrillers.

I received a free copy of this book from Tyndale House Publishers for my honest opinion. 

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