BOOK REVIEW Missing, Secrets of Crittenden County Series #1 by Shelley Shepard Gray

Perry Borntrager's body was discovered in a well by Englisher, Abby Anderson. Her brother Walker had been friends with Perry. An investigation began to see why and how Perry died.

Luke Reynolds came to Critterden County, Kentucky as a favor to his friend, Mose Kramer, to help with the investigation. Mose was a former Amish man and had lived in Critterden most of his life. He was getting nowhere with the investigation of Perry's death so he called Luke, a Cincinnati, Ohio detective to help him. Everyone was keeping a tight lip about Perry. No one wanted to say anything bad about the young man, although it appeared a lot could be said. Mose thought Luke's outsider influence may get people talking.

Two people who were suspects in Perry's death joined forces so no one could discover what they knew. Lydia Plank was Perry's ex-girlfriend. Walker Anderson was Perry's friend before he started getting into things Walker wanted nothing to do with. Lydia had her own secrets to deal with as did Walker. Lydia and Walker discovered a bond they never suspected.

There were a few subplots going on. Abby had become a misfit at school even more since she discovered the body. Luke was getting used to the slower paced life of Critterden County, which surprised him. Mr Schrock was continually thinking up crazy ways to get people to come into his store.

As I read this book, I began to see why Lydia and Walker pulled away from Perry. He was involved in things that led to serious trouble. I really liked Walker, he seemed like a sensible college student. I felt sorry for Lydia, she had a lot to deal with in a short period of time. She was already keeping her own secrets before she discovered a family secret. But she trusted God for guidance in all she did. Shelley Shepard Gray portrayed Perry in such a negative light, especially in his relationship with Lydia. This isn't often seen in Amish Fiction. I can only recall one other time that an Amish person was portrayed so negatively. That would be Rachel Byler in Jerry Eicher's Rebecca Series. I have no idea who killed Perry, it will be interesting to find out as the series continues. Shelley Shepard Gray has blended mystery and romance into one good story.

The Secrets Of Critterden County
Book One - Missing
Book Two - The Search (out June 2012)
Book Three - Found (out Sept 2012)

I received a free copy of this e-book from Edelweiss for my honest review.

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