BOOK REVIEW A Time For Peace by Barbara Cameron

Jenny Botranger wasn't always Amish. She was raised by parents who were Englishers, although her father had left the Amish faith years before. Jenny was a news reporter. She was working overseas when she was injured by a car bomb. She returned to the US and went to her grandmother's house in Paradise, PA to recover. Her grandmother Phoebe was Amish. Phoebe lived next to widower Matthew and his 3 children. Jenny knew Matthew from visiting her grandmother when she was younger. She was in love with him then and never stopped being in love with him. Now he was her husband of three years.

Jenny enjoyed her life as an Amish woman, being a wife and a mother to Matthew's children, whom she felt were like her own. She was only unhappy with one thing, not being pregnant, year after year, She was wallowing in self pity until Phoebe became very sick. Jenny no longer had time to think about much but her caring for her grandmother. She realized she was no longer dwelling on being pregnant. Then she found a letter from her father to Phoebe. She suddenly felt betrayed by everyone she loved. Jenny's relationship with her husband and grandmother was strained and it appeared to be affecting her health, let alone her relationships.

This is a story of finding faith and forgiveness in God and family. By the end of the story Jenny began to truly understand what it meant to be Amish. She accepted that it is God's will if something happens or doesn't happen. She found peace with all that had happened to her. Jenny's emotional journey was interesting to read. I liked that story because it showed that we can have so much to be thankful for but we let one thing or another get in the way. We need to be thankful in all things.

This book is #3 in the Quilts of Lancaster County Series.
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I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley for my honest review.

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