BOOK REVIEW Missing Your Smile by Jerry Eicher

Susan Hostetler left Indiana for a new life. She decided she no longer wanted to be Amish. Her boyfriend, Thomas Stoll, helped her make that decision. One night, after a singing, she found him and her best friend, Eunice, being a little too friendly. She told her parents she had to leave and ended up in Asbury Park, New Jersey working at a bakery. She worked for Laura and became friends with her and her son Robby.

Susan had trouble adjusting to city life. It was noisy at night when she was trying to sleep. During the day it was crowded with people and traffic. Still, she had decided she was going to become English and would adjust. She even started dating Englisher, Duane Moran. Susan was hesitant to go full fledged English all at once, so she did it gradually. When the story started she was still using kerosene lamps for lighting. Her apartment had functioning electricity.

Susan met an unwed mother, Teresa Long, that found out she was Amish. Teresa wanted Susan to adopt her baby. Susan promised Teresa that she will ask if a family from Indiana wanted the child. This situation threatened to take her back to the life she left behind.

Meanwhile, in Indiana, Susan's parents are heartbroken with their daughter gone and Thomas realizes he needs to make amends with Susan. Is Thomas too late?

The focus of this story is Susan living with her choice to leave her Amish life behind and become English. She still had her faith in God, which kept her going. Does Susan ever fully adjust to life as an Englisher? What happens to Teresa and her baby? Read Missing Your Smile to discover what Susan does with her new life.

I was hesitant to read another Jerry Eicher book. I read his Rebecca Series and did not care for the books. I didn't like his style of writing. It seemed to me he assumed the reader should know what he was thinking even though  it wasn't conveyed in his writing. I read Missing Your Smile because I wanted to give him another chance. I liked this story much better. It was too slow moving for me though, it took me 4 or 5 sittings to finish reading it. When I really enjoy a book it's done in 1 or 2 readings. The biggest issue I had was that I when I started reading the book I thought Susan and Robby were teenagers. They acted immature. Robby's character actually annoyed me with the constant comedy. As I got further into the book I discovered Susan was 21 and Robby had attended college. I will read the next book in the series because I'm interested in finding out what happens to the characters in this book. I am still on the fence as to if I would recommend this book to others.

Fields Of Home Series
Missing Your Smile #1
Following Your Heart #2
Where Love Grows #3

I received a free copy of this e-book from NetGalley for my honest review.


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