BOOK REVIEW The New Woman's Devotional Bible from Zondervan

The front cover of this Bible draws me to it. The color and design are welcoming to the eye. Inside, the title and number of the chapters are in green, the rest of the text is brown. This breaks up the monotony for me. In the middle of every few pages there is a Bible Verse from that page that is highlighted in a box. It really helps the eyes get rest from reading.

There are introductions to each book in the Bible. That is not so different from other Bibles. What makes it interesting are the side-columns. There are facts about the book, about the author of the book, the dates it takes place, who it was written for and where it takes place. There is even a memory verse. You get a better understanding of each book of the Bible with all these facts presented.

This Bible has Week Day Devotions and Week-End Devotions. The Week Day Devotions have questions for reflection. You are asked questions about yourself and your relationship with God. The Week-End Devotions are readings, with many being about a woman in the Bible. The Week-End Devotions can be read quicker.

I really like this Bible. My favorite color is green and this book is full of it. the The introduction to each book has a green background picture, the highlighted verses are in a green box. The boxes for week day devotion reflections are shades of green and brown. The brown and green theme is very relaxing. It is very easy to read also. The devotions and boxed verses really help to keep the reading interesting. I think that everything in the introductions makes me want to read it more because I have a better understanding of the time period and what's going on in the region of the writing. I would recommend this Bible who wants to get out of the rut of finding the Bible not interesting. You will look forward to reading this Bible daily.

I received a free copy of this e-book from NetGalley for my honest review.

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  1. Sounds like a great thing to have on hand. Thanks for the review! :O)