BOOK REVIEW I Wish I Knew That by Steve Martin, Mike Goldsmith, Marianne Taylor

This book is packed with information that will fill your brain. It is divided into 8 chapters, each on a specific subject. 

Below are examples of what's in each chapter:

Literature - famous writers and poets are discussed here. You will learn about them and their writings.

Music and Art - brief explanations of the different periods of art and music. For example, the Renaissance and the Arts and Crafts movements.

Language - all the parts of speech and figures of speech are explained well here.You'll also learn about things such as the Onomatopoeia.

Classic - interesting tidbits about the Greeks and Romans. Do you know the story of Persephone? It's covered here.

History - All the US presidents and British kings and queens are listed here. I didn't know that Queen Elizabeth has been ruling since 1952! Major wars are simply explained here.

Geography - every continent and their countries and capitals are listed here. When did Oceania become a continent? Geography is also discussed here.

Math - here you learn the history of numbers. Some geometry and algebra is thrown in.

Science- Physics, chemistry, biology are given a brief overview. There are also facts about space and time.

I just highlighted a few of the subjects in each chapter. This is a very interesting book. There is some information in it that I didn't know. I don't remember teachers telling about the more interesting details that are covered in this book. Adults would enjoy this book as a refresher course. Kids would enjoy this as an additional resource to their studies. Check it out and see what you know, or thought you knew, about many different subjects.

I received a free copy of this Reader's Digest book from FSB Media for my honest review.

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