BOOK REVIEW The Harvest Of Grace by Cindy Woodsmall

Sylvia Fisher loved living on her family's farm. From the time she was little, Sylvia helped her grandfather while he was working. He taught her everything she knew about dairy farming. She even inherited a part of his farm after he passed away. Being the oldest of nine children, all girls, she also helped on her family's farm. Something unexpected happened and she had to leave the farm. She started working at Michael and Dora Blank's farm. She was in charge of all that was dairy.

One day the Blank's son, Aaron, showed up out of nowhere. He was an alcoholic and had just finished rehab. He was determined to keep on the straight and narrow. Michael and Dora didn't fully trust he would be sticking around, but they put him in charge of the rest of the farm. Micheal had health issues that prevented him from being able to work a lot. The Blank's were going to lose their farm if the crops didn't produce and the cow's milk production didn't increase.

Aaron and Sylvia butted heads but they worked together for the one purpose of keeping the farm afloat. Aaron's goal was to sell it. He wanted his parents to move to a new town with him and help run an appliance store. Sylvia's goal was to make it profitable so the Blank's didn't lose it. This story revolves around the struggles of trying to keep the farm running. Whether they succeed and keep it, end up losing it, or moving, you'll have to read the story to find out.

The Harvest of Grace focuses mainly on Sylvia and her struggle to accept God's grace, His forgiveness. Along the way she encounters friendships and romance that she never expected. There are several smaller story lines within this story. There are the stories of Grey and Lena, Ephraim and Cara, Trevor Atwater, Ada and Israel, Deborah and Jonathan, and Michael and Dora. This book is close to 600 pages but I could have kept on reading. Cindy Woodsmall drew me into the lives of the characters. I felt I like knew them when I finished the book. Read The Harvest Of Grace, you'll be glad you did!

This is the third book in the Ada’s House Series.

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