BookReview A Charles Dickens Devotional by Charles Dickens, Jean Fischer

BookReview A Charles Dickens Devotional by Charles Dickens, Jean Fischer
In 1870 Charles Dickens wrote “I have always striven in my writings to express veneration for the life and lessons of our Savior—because I feel it.” Dickens wanted to teach his readers Christian values that are found in Bible through his own writings. He wrote many stories - Oliver Twist, Great Expectations, and Christmas Carol, to name a few.  Excerpts from these, and his other stories are in each devotional. The devotional continues with an explanation of how the excerpt relates to a Bible verse or two, which is written by Jean Fischer. The devotions are by subject, not day.

I have never read a Charles Dickens story. I was familiar with a few of the devotionals because I saw a movie about the story. There were many stories that I never heard of. I personally do not like Dickens' style of writing. That is not to say it's not good. He does a nice job of letting the reader go to where or what he is writing about.

I think a fan of Charles Dickens would appreciate this book. There are excerpts from so many of his stories. I really like the way Jean Fischer relates Dickens to modern day life and the Bible. She shows the reader Bible verses relating to each story with ease.

I would recommend this devotional to anyone who wants to learn about the Bible. You read many Bible verses along the way. There is also a Bible verse at the end of every devotion. I think any person who enjoys reading devotionals should check this out.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher for my honest review.

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