SOME THOUGHTS a surprise blessing

I like to shop at Aldi's, it saves about 10 - 15 cents per item compared to Wal-Mart's prices.. Aldi's is a food store that sells off-brand items that taste very comparable to name brand ones, without the higher price. Aldi's has shopping carts that require inserting quarters to use them. Recently, on the way to shop at Aldi's I realized that I forgot a quarter. I knew I had no cash or change to even make a quarter. I would have to go into Aldi's, get one item, get in line, pay for it with my debit card and get cash back that included 4 quarters. I would then proceed back outside, get the shopping cart and go back in and get the rest of my 4 weeks of groceries. Ahhh! I really didn't want to go through all that, it seemed like such a bother. I prayed I would find a quarter in a shopping cart or on the ground before I went in. I take praying seriously. I know that God hears me when I talk to Him. I know He hears my prayers of thanks and prayers for needs, for others and myself. When I prayed for that quarter I knew that God could provide it, if He chose. In the past 14 years of shopping at Aldi's, I have prayed that same prayer more than once. God has provided a quarter more than once too. I got out of the car and walked to the shopping cart area, no quarter anywhere. So I went through the process and got my quarter. I finally got back out to the shopping cart area and put my quarter in the slot. A woman walked up next to me to get her shopping cart, searching through her purse. I could tell she couldn't find a quarter. I asked her if she needed one and gave her one of mine. How awesome was that? I arrived at Aldi's needing and quarter and now I had three that I could give away. I asked God to bless me and I got to bless someone else.

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  1. I like shopping at Aldi's too. Im going to follow your blog.