InTheKitchen Rudolph the Red-Rosed Reindeer Cookie Cutters

InTheKitchen Rudolph the Red-Rosed Reindeer Cookie Cutters
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Don't these cute cookie cutters bring back memories? They are perfect for Christmas. My children and I have all enjoyed watching these guys on Rudolph the Red-Rosed Reindeer over the years. I remember anticipating the viewing of Rudolph the Red-Rosed Reindeer and the other Rankin/Bass shows every year as a child. Actually, to say I anticipated watching those shows is a gross understatement. These weren't out on DVDs or even VHS when I was little. I didn't know one person who even owned a VCR back then. We got one chance the whole entire year to watch the shows around Christmas. Bumble is everyone in my family's favorite cookie cutter. Everyone except my husband, he was afraid of him when he was a young child.

I found this cookie cutter set at Wal-mart. The box says copyright 2007 Focus Products Group LLC, Vernon Hills, IL 60061.

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