BookReview Naomi's Gift by Amy Clipston

BookReview Naomi's Gift by Amy Clipston
Caleb Schmucker and his daughter, Susie, are spending Christmas with his sister, Sadie Kauffman, and her family in Ohio. Before they arrive at Sadie's house they stop at a farmer's market to buy a pie for her. Susie gets separated from Caleb. He finds her at a stand where Amish
women are selling quilts. He is taken aback by one of woman at the stand. When they arrive at Sadie's, Caleb tells her about finding Susie at the stand. To his surprise, he learns that the woman lives in his sister's district. Her name is Naomi King. Sadie is a gossip and freely lets Caleb know about Naomi and her man chasing ways.

Noami believes that she had a chance at love but lost it, not once but twice. She feels there's no chance for her to find love. Naomi plans to stay at home and help care for her younger siblings. Caleb isn't looking for love, his heart is still broken from losing his wife, Barbara. The first time Caleb and Noami met though, something began to stir in their hearts and they are not quite sure what to do about it.

Caleb and Naomi develop a friendship as they attend community events. Susie really likes Noami, and vice-versa. Sadie doesn't care for Naomi and is constantly trying to get Caleb to notice Irene. When Caleb's friends and family suggest he move back home to Ohio, he seeks God's will. He visits a property that is for sale and knows immediately that the house is for him. There is also a shop on the property where he can open a buggy making business.

At a party on Christmas Eve, Caleb spends a lot of time talking with Irene and her father. Naomi hears Sadie telling someone that Irene is good for Caleb. Susie mentions some things about Irene too. Naomi can't take anymore of it. She thought Caleb may like her for more than a friend but it seems he's thinking of courting Irene. She decides to walk home by herself in a bad snow storm.

After they party is over, Naomi's dad returns saying the Naomi's never made it home. Caleb and some other men head out to look for her. Caleb is praying that he finds her. When he does he is afraid he may be too late, her lips are blue and she's not moving.

Is Naomi okay? Does Caleb court Irene? Read Naomi's gift to find out.

I really liked Naomi. She had a love for children. She liked Susie the moment she met her at the quilt stand. This story shows the friendship of Naomi and Susie growing. It also show Naomi and Caleb's friendship growing and turning into love. Susie prayed for a Christmas miracle and that prayer was answered. The miracle she wanted was a gift that Naomi gave Caleb. Caleb never expected to receive such a gift. Caleb was a loving and kind father, a very likable character. I would recommend this book to anyone that believes that someone can find true love again.

I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley for my honest review.

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