BookReview Money Secrets Of The Amish by Lorilee Craker

BookReview Money Secrets Of The Amish by Lorilee Craker
The author, Lorilee Craker, wanted to sell her house and move to a bigger one. The problem was her house was appraised at $27,000 less than what she and her husband paid for it. She decided it was time for become more thrifty to be able buy another house. She heard about the Amish surviving the recent economic crisis without losing their properties. She went straight to the source and interviewed
several people in the Amish community to see how they dealt with finances.

Lorilee learned many things about the Amish that she could apply to her own life. For example, she learned that the Amish always pay their bills on time and do not believe in having any kind of debt. They don't buy new, they go to secondhand stores and garage sales. They barter their services/goods for other's services/goods. The Amish use things until they wear out—completely. They repurpose, reuse and reclaim everything. This is just part of the list. Lorilee Cracker tells the reader the ways she and many other people have applied what she learned to their own lives.

She gave a very useful formula for figuring out how many hours a person has to work to buy a desired item. Write down your pretax income, subtract 25 percent for taxes, and divide what’s left by 2,000 (the hours you work in a year). This is the amount you make per hour. Take the cost of the item and divide by the amount you make per hour. Is the item worth the hours you work to pay for it?

The author discovered the lifestyle of the Amish - their thriftiness, self-control concerning purchases, sharing with others and sense of community is what causes them to thrive in a world so full of financial distress.

The one thing I didn't care for in the book was the author's use of humor. It is found throughout the book. I guess it's not my type of humor. To me it almost seemed degrading to the Amish. She said things like "Somehow Menno, rocking the bowl haircut, beard, and suspenders, didn’t look surprised", "...have a wide repertoire of desserts under their bonnets", and "So when Moses and Mary grow up and hitch their buggies together, they won’t be making many thoughtless and trivial purchases".

I would recommend this book for anyone is looking to cut spending and to learn to how to save their money in ways they may not have thought about. I would say you have to like humor to really enjoy this book. There is a good amount of background information about the Amish in this book, which I enjoyed reading about.

I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley for my honest review.

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