BookReview A Marriage Carol by Chris Fabry, Gary Chapman

BookReview A Marriage Carol by Chris Fabry, Gary Chapman
It was Christmas Eve. It was also Jake and Marlee Ebenezer's 20th wedding anniversary. They were on their way to the attorney's to sign divorce papers. The recent snow caused driver's to go slower than normal. Jake decided to take a shortcut. The last thing Marlee remembered was two headlights coming their way. When she awoke, she discovered the car had crashed into a snow bank. There was no sign of Jake. She decided to go get help, wondering why he had left her. With no apparent injuries or cellphone reception she set off towards the light on the hillside.

She arrived at the house greeted by a kind, old man named Jay. He invited her in and got her warmed by the fire. She told Jay about her marriage and soon to be divorce. He said he had hope for her marriage. She discovered Jay and his wife offered marriage retreats at their house.

She was intrigued by three golden pots sitting by the fireplace. Jay told her the pots help the hopeless by giving a marriage a future, instead of being caught up in the past and the present. Jay told her that as long as she felt there was hope for her marriage, she could use the pots. Marlee decide that there was hope and through the pots saw the past, present,and future of her marriage.

She saw many things. She saw her honeymoon - the past, she saw her kids when they are older - the future. She also saw her husband laying in the snow - the present. Jay recognized the surroundings and went out to find him. Marlee ventured upstairs to find Jay's wife.She wanted to ask to use their other vehicle because Jay had not returned. The elderly lady was in poor health. As Marlee spoke with her, she realized that she actually knew Jay and his wife.

Marlee headed out to find Jake and Jay. The snow storm was so bad that she didn't see the yellow flasher's of the overturned car in front of her, the one with Jay and Jake in it. Her family's faces flashed before her as she said a prayer and unwillingly plowed into the car.


She awoke and saw her children next to her. She discovered she was in the hospital because she was in a car accident. The kids soon left the room and she and Jake were alone. He only suffered minor injuries but he thought she might die until she had recently awoken. They both were relieved that the other was okay.

Marlee told Jake the story of meeting Jay. Jake told her she never left the car, except when the paramedics took her on a stretcher. They discussed their marriage and their divorce put on hold by the accident. Jake and Marlee both came to the same conclusion about their marriage and decided go forth with it.

I didn't care for this book. It is written in the first person, which I don't like. The whole concept of the three golden pots was weird to me - I get that they were like the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future. I did like how it showed that a person's choices not only affect themselves, but those around them. It also reminded the reader that there are people praying for us and we don't know it, or may never know it. The best thing that it showed the reader is that a marriage needs both sides working on it and not blaming the other person for their problems.

I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley for my honest review.

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