BOOK REVIEW An Amish Wedding by Thomas Nelson Publishers

This book contains three stories written by three different authors - Kelly Long, Kathleen Fuller, and Beth Wiseman. All three stories have the wedding of Priscilla King and Chester Lapp running through them.

Perfect Secret

Priscilla is friends with Rose Bender. Rose is going to be an attendant in her wedding. Rose and Luke Lantz have been best friends forever. They are getting married a few months after Priscilla and Chester.. Suddenly, Rose is tired of the comfortable, safeness of Luke. She feels he hardly evens wants to touch her. Rose wants adventure and romance.  She thinks Luke can't give her either of these.

There is a thief that has been stealing items from her community for a few months. One night, Rose decides to go into the woods and look for the thief. She comes upon a young man dressed in Englisch clothes. Unafraid, she asks if he is the thief. He admits that he is. She is very intrigued by the mystery of it all. She is also very attracted to this man and even kisses him. Rose discovers his identity and why he is stealing from the Amish, she even helps him in his quest.

Perfect Match

Naomi King is Priscilla's sister. She is 25 years old and still unmarried. She is very content with her life of living in the daddi haus behind her parent's and running a bakery from it. Margaret works with her. She wants to be married very badly. Priscilla, being the forever match maker, says she will find her a beau. Chester Lapp's cousin, Zeke Lapp, is in town for the wedding and meets both women. Naomi is very taken with Zeke, which is unbelievable to her. She decided to never love again ever since David left her. Priscilla keeps her promise and immediately get things "cooking" to set up Margaret and Zeke. There is only one problem - Zeke feels Naomi is the one for him.

Perfect Plan

Priscilla and Chester's wedding seems to run into one problem after the other. Nothing is going according to Priscilla's plans. First, the foundation of the house Chester is building for them didn't set right. Then there's electric and roof issues. They won't be able to move in as soon as they had planned after the wedding. Priscilla is convinced that all this "bad luck" is a sign from God that maybe they shouldn't be married. Chester also begins to feel the same when his boss accuses him of stealing money and fires him. Something happens that causes Chester to tell Priscilla he can't marry her. Priscilla discovers that she needs to fully trust in God's plan for her life.

The use of  scripture throughout  the stories reminded the characters that God was with them. I liked Perfect Secret and Perfect Match better than Perfect Plan. Perfect Plan seemed to have too many problems that threatened Priscilla and Chester's wedding.. Besides the others already mentioned - Priscilla's wedding dress is destroyed by her little sister, her favorite relatives can't make the wedding, someone was hurt will working on  their house, and she breaks a cherished dish. It still is a likable story. Perfect Secret had me thinking that Rose never took the time to really get to know Luke, even they knew each other forever. Luke was trying to be the person God wanted but his mother's death affected him more than he realized. Perfect Match was my favorite story. I liked Naomi and Zeke as soon they each were introduced in the story. They both put others before themselves. It is interesting how three different people can write a book that flows together. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys that love wins in the end, even if you already knew it would.

I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley for my honest review.

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