BookReview The Healing by Wanda E. Brunstetter

BookReview The Healing by Wanda E. Brunstetter
Grieving widower Samuel Fisher moves his family from Pennsylvania to Kentucky. Samuel and his four young children temporarily move in with his soon-to-be married brother, Titus. Samuel's understandable grief makes him unbearable to everyone around him, especially his children.He doesn't do anything fun with them and just wants to be alone.

Allen Walters, a friend of Titus's gets Samuel a job fixing up Bonnie Taylor's house. She inherited it from her grandmother and is turning it into a Bed & Breakfast. Working helps Samuel keep his mind off of Elsie, his deceased wife. Esther Beiler starts caring for his children while he is working. Esther and Bonnie meet and become fast friends. Esther also works at the Bed & Breakfast after it opens.

Esther wonders if she'll ever get married and be a mother. She has fallen in love with Samuel's children and would like to be their mother. She even begins to dream of being Samuel's wife.

When a near tragedy happens in Samuel's family he sees that he needs to get out of his depression. He sees how much his children need him. He also realizes that he is ready to court Esther.

Titus ties the knot and everything starts to unravel for Samuel and Esther. At the wedding, something was said that reminds Samuel of a promise he made when he was younger. He tells Esther he can  no longer court her and she can't care for the kids anymore. He decides to return  to Pennsylvania. At the same time, Allen is trying to get Bonnie to date him. She feels she can't  because of her past.

Both Samuel and Bonnie can't let go of their past and are destroying their future. What did Samuel promise? What happened to cause Bonnie to feel she can't love again? Does Samuel return to Pennsylvania? Read The Healing to find all these answers and more.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of Amish fiction. I found myself wishing for Samuel to get out of his depression. I felt sorry for his children because he couldn't be the father they needed. I really liked Esther, she was kind and sweet. The only that I wasn't sure of was how the Amish characters became very good friends with the English characters. In my own experience, I tried several times to talk to the Amish in the previous town where I lived and they just ignored me. I'm sure different districts have different rules of how to treat the English. I just can't see Amish having close relationships with the English no matter where they live.

The Healing continues the story of the Fisher family, who were introduced in The Storekeeper's Daughter. You don't have to read either book to understand the other. I would also recommend reading The Storekeeper's Daughter and the rest of the books that follow it because they are very good.

I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley for my honest review.

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