BookReview 40 Ways To Get Closer To God by Jerry MacGregor

BookReview 40 Ways To Get Closer To God by Jerry MacGregor
This book is all about growing spiritually closer to God . There are 40 chapters to help you do this. This book can be read day-by-day or just by picking out a chapter about the subject where you want to grow. At the end of each chapter there is a challenge relating to what is in the chapter.

For review purposes I couldn't take 40 days to read this book. Now that I've reviewed it, I am going to take the full 40 day journey this book offers.

I found relevancy for me in each chapter. There is definitely something for everyone who wants a closer relationship with God. You will even get better relationships with people.

Most of the challenges at the end of each chapter involve writing. For example, in the chapter "In Other Words", the reader is asked to write a prayer that expresses how he/she feels about God using a psalm from the Bible as a model. A few chapters involve actually doing a physical act for the challenge. In the chapter "The Least Of These", the reader is asked to go to the homeless in their area and offer a meal or blankets. All of the challenges are exactly what they are called - Challenges. One needs to get off their spiritual butt to do them.

There are a few statements that appear to be New Age thinking relating to visualization, which I believe should not be mixed with Christianity. In one of the chapters the author says to imagine yourself in the Bible story as you are reading it. In another part of the book the author says to imagine Jesus sitting next to you. You are probably thinking that I'm over reacting but this is how New Age thinking gets it's foot in the door.

The other sticky point of this book for me deals with the chapter "Take And Read." The author talks about various books to read to help you in your current spiritual situation. While he offers good ideas, he does not mention the Bible - the book Christians should turn to first to help them. Although throughout the rest of the book he does point to Bible verses. I just think that the Bible should have been mentioned in this chapter as the first book to turn to.

40 Ways To Get Closer To God will get you thinking and acting. Our pastor at our previous church (we moved to a new town) always said that life is about relationships - with God and other people. This book is exactly about that. If you do the challenges in this book you will grow in your relationships.

Bethany House has provided me a free copy of this book for my honest review.

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