BookReview The 21-Day Dad's Challenge by Carey Casey

BookReview The 21-Day Dad's Challenge by Carey Casey
The 21-Day Dad's Challenge focuses on how to be the father God has called a man to be. This book is geared toward men as fathers but women will definitely learn how to be the mother her child needs by reading it. Anyone who wants to be a better parent should take this 21 day challenge.

Several people have contributed their thoughts on fathering, by chapter, to this book. Each chapter speaks on a parenting subject and is followed by a challenge relating to the chapter. The reader is asked to write out their own plan to complete the challenge.

The chapters of this book cover many subjects.  Some deal with what we say and how we say it to our child. The reader is reminded that the most important thing to give a child is our time. There is a chapter showing us that parents need to live a life that is a model to their child for proper behavior. A few chapters deal with how to use money wisely. This book has a lot of great ideas that don't involve a great expense of money - just your time!

The challenges at the end of the chapter involve simple ideas. One idea is to send your child letters. Another is to go outside and get active by walking or going for a car ride. Some challenges involve encouraging your child by words or helping them discover a hobby, their gifts or career ideas.

The plans to complete the challenge involve what you are actually going to do with what you read and were challenged to do. You write done your own plan of action. For example, if the chapter dealt with encouraging your child, you would write down some encouraging statements for your child and when you plan to use them. The plans cause you to be intentional. Just reading about it may not cause you to follow through. Writing down what you want to do makes it easier to complete the challenge.

From reading this book I learned that The United States has more than 20 million fatherless children. Cracking open the pages of this book won't change that statistic. But reading The 21-Day Dad's Challenge will get you thinking of ways you can be a better parent or even a better friend or neighbor to a fatherless child.

I received a free copy of this book from Tyndale House Publishers for my honest review.

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