MyThoughts Some Of My Favorite Childhood Books

My love of books started as a young child. I had several cloth books. Many of them are well worn. The pictures in these books are so inviting and comforting to me even now.

I remember looking at this book over and over before I could read. I knew the story because it had been read to me - probably many, many, many times. I always anticipated him finding his bow each time I looked at the book. My oldest daughter was just like me. I read it to her so much she knew it word for word, although she couldn't read yet.

My mother went to a community college before I was in school. Sometimes I would go to class with her. I can't imagine a professor today allowing that. She would take me to the college library to get Beatrix Potter books to look at during class. I always liked the green cover and the cute little size of these books.

I have an aunt who is a reader! She gave me most of the books that I owned as a child. She bought me a lot of the Little Golden Books. There is a place to write who the book belongs to on the inside from cover. You know what I'm talking about if you have any. My aunt always wrote my name, that it was from her and the date she gave it to me. This is what makes the books special to me.

I want to thank Dr. Suess for teaching me to rhyme. I never actually owned a single Dr. Suess book as a child though. His way is rhyming sticks in your head. Writing poems is a hobby that do quite often. Would I be such a poet without these books?

My mother enrolled my in the weekly reader club. Every week I would receive two books in the mail. I couldn't wait for the mail to come. I remember liking the cover of this book very much.
We moved several times when I was a child. I never lost a single book that I can think of. For some reason though, I have none of my weekly reader books. This is a book that I liked from the weekly reader club. I had actually forgotten about it. Not too long ago my mother-in-law gave us my husband's childhood books. To my surprise this book was in the pile.

I had a mean third grade teacher. I thought she looked like the witch from The Wizard of Oz, minus the green skin. One thing that I enjoyed about her class was when she read us books. As she read Harriet the Spy I could imagine myself being Harriet and going on her adventures.
I haven't read The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles since 5th grade. I wonder if I would like it now, I know I liked it back then. It's the one book that I remember reading in that grade.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a book that fascinated me so much in elementary school. We used to go shopping at a grocery store that had an old factory next to it. I never paid much attention to the place until my teacher read this story to our class. I was convinced that the old factory was Willy Wonka's. I'll have to see if it's still there when we visit the area.
Reading has to be the greatest escape there is. I know that the pictures and words in these books drew me in. They took me somewhere that I hadn't been before. Maybe they even took away from somewhere I didn't want to be at the time. Now, when I read, books take me back to a certain stage in my life as I read through them. I enjoy especially reading books that I have read with my kids when they were younger and thinking back to that time in their lives when they all were little.

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