CreateIt How To Press Flowers For No Cost

GetCreating How To Press Flowers For No Cost - Dried Pressed Flowers
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Pressing flowers is a fun and easy hobby. It involves 3 things: flowers, a large catalog and time.

I started pressing flowers in 2004. Pressed flowers can be used for pictures, cards, whatever you dream up. Children have a lot of fun gathering the flowers to press.

Steps to Press Flowers:

1) Cut your flower off the plant, leaving as little or as much stem you want. Flowers need to be as dry as possible, don't do this in the rain or after a rain. Cut the flowers right before placing in the catalog.

2) Find a large catalog, such as a JCPenney's seasonal catalog. * At the time I first posted this it was easy to find a big catalog like this. Using several magazines stacked together would also do the trick.

GetCreating How To Press Flowers For No Cost - Catalog
Source: tammycookblogsbooks
3) Place flowers on the catalog page, don't overlap the flowers. If you are pressing more than one page of flowers, leave about 1/8" to 1/4" of pages between pressings.

GetCreating How To Press Flowers For No Cost - Placing Flowers
Source: tammycookblogsbooks
these flowers were in the catalog for 2 days - just starting to dry out

4) I had to look this step up. I just put the flowers in the catalog and forget about them. If you are doing this for a project you need to know the amount of drying time. There is no clear answer. Drying factors include the moisture of flowers and humidity in the room. Give the flowers at least a week in the catalog. If they are not dry after one week check back one week later. Keep checking back weekly until the flowers are dry.

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