CreateIt Dumpster Diving Turn Old Door Into Coat Rack

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I really like garbage day. When spring comes around it's even better, because people start throwing out their "junk." They put so many things on the curb to be thrown away. Things that I can make into something great!

Dumpster diving is so much fun.  I usually find my stuff curbside, very little has actually been found in a true dumpster.  I taught my children to call it "treasure hunting." My husband calls it embarrassing. I have to admit, it does require a little bit of  laying your pride down. Any concern of what people think of you quickly passes when you find a item that you were looking for or one that can be turned into a piece you'll love.

I was glad I had a minivan when I found this door sitting by the side of the road. It's very long and quite heavy. I had just had a baby and I wasn't sure if I should try to get it in the van. Common sense was put aside and I got it in. I couldn't leave it sit there until I could get help, it would be gone!

I turned the door into a coat rack.  The paint already on it was perfect, I just sanded off a little more to make it look even older,  I took the hooks that were on the wall in my basement stairway and added them onto the door for coats to be hung. I anchored it to the wall so it doesn't get pulled onto someone unsuspecting.I think it turned out great.

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